Why you should try a plant-based diet

Why you should try a plant-based diet

Do you want glowing skin and a healthy appearance?

Are you looking to reduce waistline or your chances of cancer, diabetes, or heart diseases?

Then a plant-based diet is the way to go!

Many people today are suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity.

Although you might not consider the last one to be a chronic disease, it has become one due to the frequency of its occurrence.

However, FAT is a common feature of most of the chronic diseases mentioned above.

Many of you might not know but former President Bill Clinton switched to plant-based eating after his quadruple bypass surgery (a whopper of a surgery!).

A steak and hamburger lover, Clinton chose the plant-based diet to lead a healthier life than before.

If that isn’t a stamp of approval than I don’t know what is?

Better Skin and Great Health with Plant-Based Diet!

Over historical times, scientists’ researches have shown that food choices that are based on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds have been healthier than other ones.

This theory has a more solid platform than ever with people shifting to plant-based diet changes every day.

With the intake of plant-based foods, the incidence of disease has been lowering constantly.

This has helped bust a myth that says that meat-free diets are not nutritional enough.

When taken in adequate amounts, a plant-based lifestyle provides all the nutrients needed by a human body.

In a world where PROCESSED FOODS have literally taken over, plant-based foods are a breath of fresh air and aid a healthy life.

However, people are still largely dependent on processed foods.

This is because fast and convenience foods take less time and appeal more to the taste buds because of processed flavors.

Another argument that people give is that plant-based foods are low in fat and protein.

If you go through the diversity of vegetables, you will find that avocados, olives, and nuts have an adequate amount of fat in them.

There is an entire discussion on the protein myth in Forks Over Knives and other numerous books and documentaries.

And does going plant based mean no meat and dairy?

Well that’s all up to you!!! We don’t tell you what to do here we just give you information and options.

We have everything from raw food style all the way back to eating those types of foods.

But just more moderately and in hopefully a cleaner way, maybe by going organic and knowing where your food comes from.

Now there are also other issues inside of us that may limit our success on such a change in lifestyle and that is mental sabotage.

I am in agreement with Dr. Dean Ornish and Jon Gabriel 100% when they speak of how emotions and stress can also be contributing factors to our imbalances in the body.

Whether its weight issues, heart disease, cancer or diabetes (these are not all of the things that can be corrected).

All of these diseases can be controlled with what we feed our bodies and our minds.

So we will be looking into those areas as well because the body and mind are connected and this could possibly be the missing link that is blocking one’s progress.



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