About Me

My name is E.Nizar, from Tunisia.

I’m :

  1. An Englih Teacher .
  2. An Accredited Home Educator Level 3 From The Centre Of Excellence.
  3. A Vegan Activist.
  4. Wellness Blogger.
  5. Vegan And Vegetarian Diet Expert.
  6. An Independent Scholar In Alternative Medicine And Aromatherapy With Over 5 Years Of Experience.

7.     Volunteer Translator At Google Translate Community And Coursera.

  1. An Amateur Wellness Writer.


  1. a member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association
  2. a member of HighScope Educational Research Foundation/ Michigan USA
  3. a member of The  Association for Citizenship Teaching/ London.
  4. a member of The African Society of Association Executives/ Membership ID # 311400
  5. a member of the Asian Exercise & Sport Science Association Member ID: 2121139


  1. Bachelor degree in English Language ,Literature and civilization.
  2. Certificate in Positive Psychology from The European Health Foundation.
  3. An accredited certificate in Bacterial Genomes: Accessing and Analysing Microbial Genome Data from The Wellcome Genome Campus, England.
  4. An accredited certificate in Bacterial Genomes: From Dna To Protein Function Using Bioinformatics from The Wellcome Genome Campus, England.
  5. Diploma of Health Studies from Alison Galway / Republic of Ireland.
  6. Diploma in Family Counselor 2nd degree.
  7. Diploma in life coach/personality analysis.
  8. Diploma in Self Development 3rd degree.
  9. Certificate in Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)(Overcome Panic & Anxiety attacks fast).
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